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13 Provocative Posts On Gender Issues

feminist fistNothing like a compilation of blog posts on gender issues to get one’s feminist blood coursing a little faster in one's veins!

This hand-picked baker's dozen of favourite AmazingWomenRock feminist posts from the last year or so is designed to get you thinking about, and hopefully ACTING on, gender equality issues.

More women are talking about gender issues, that's for sure. But we need more women DOING stuff to create change and make real progress.

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10 Reasons Why Feminism Is Good For Guys

Soraya ChemalyGuest blog post: Soraya Chemaly is a feminist starist and media critic. She is also an insightful and thought-provoking blogger whom I greatly respect and admire. I highly recommend following her on TwitterThis excellent piece was originally published on The Huffington Post.

Does anyone remember when Annie Lennox created a scandal by wearing a men's suit, spurring a debate about whether or not she was gay? 

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This Is Insane. I Mean Really. C'mon!

Contraception panelUmmm. What century are we in? This is the scariest picture I've seen so far this millennium. It defies all reason. I can't even write. I'm speechless. I mean really.

WTF is GOING ON? Not ONE woman on a US government panel the purpose of which is to discuss issues related to the availability of contraception?  

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17 Women Rocked Stage @TED2012

TED 2012_logoHere's the astonishingly interesting line-up (in alphabetical order by first name), of amazing women who rocked the stage at TED2012. (There may have been one or two more due to last-minute program changes...)

When they took the TED stage, these 17 women became role models for millions of girls and young women who aspire to one day take the stage and make their voices heard around the world.

(But 17 is not nearly enough. We need more women on stages everywhere!)

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Angie Miller (Teacher of the Year)

angie millerAngie Miller is the 2011 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year. She has spent the past year traveling the nation, speaking and collaborating with K-12 teachers and other educational stakeholders.

Miller has been immersed in middle school education for 11 years, which has deeply affected her spelling and humor. In a typical classroom that Miller runs, students develop their voices to make change.

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