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13 Provocative Posts On Gender Issues

feminist fistNothing like a compilation of blog posts on gender issues to get one’s feminist blood coursing a little faster in one's veins!

This hand-picked baker's dozen of favourite AmazingWomenRock feminist posts from the last year or so is designed to get you thinking about, and hopefully ACTING on, gender equality issues.

More women are talking about gender issues, that's for sure. But we need more women DOING stuff to create change and make real progress.

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Kiss Our Collective Asses & Shove It Up Yours

feminist fistIn yesterday's post (This Is Insane. I Mean Really. C'mon!) I wondered wether to scream or cry.

Today, I learned a lesson in humility when I found that women (and men!) who are obviously much smarter than I are providing a far more sensible reponse: fight back with messages that point out the utter ridiculousness of the situation.

Here are a few more stellar examples courtesy of Formidable Republican Opposition:

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This Is Insane. I Mean Really. C'mon!

Contraception panelUmmm. What century are we in? This is the scariest picture I've seen so far this millennium. It defies all reason. I can't even write. I'm speechless. I mean really.

WTF is GOING ON? Not ONE woman on a US government panel the purpose of which is to discuss issues related to the availability of contraception?  

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TED2012 Full Spectrum Shy on Gender Parity (Again!)

TED 2012_logoTED2012 kicked off on February 27, and runs for four fantastic days.

TEDsters around the world are glued to their #TED2012 livestreams (Yay TED Live!), #Twitter streams, and the TED 2012 website, hanging off of every word, thirsty for the latest in ideas, imagination and innovation.

I myself, a long-time TED fan and associate, and now a TEDLiver, am among them. There are at least a thousand reasons I love TED, and I love that I get to experience this year's conference livestream.

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17 Women Rocked Stage @TED2012

TED 2012_logoHere's the astonishingly interesting line-up (in alphabetical order by first name), of amazing women who rocked the stage at TED2012. (There may have been one or two more due to last-minute program changes...)

When they took the TED stage, these 17 women became role models for millions of girls and young women who aspire to one day take the stage and make their voices heard around the world.

(But 17 is not nearly enough. We need more women on stages everywhere!)

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