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Here's To Being A Crazy One. A Misfit. A Rebel. And A Square Peg In A Round Hole.

IMG 0196
I think I wrote the post below in about 2008.
I know I took the pink hair selfie above in June 2015.
Some things never change. 

birthday 2010_cuI don’t fit in
. Never have. Maybe never will. And while the "outside" can often be lonely place, there’s also lots to be relished about being a rebel.

It means I can still don purple suede boots, black lace stockings, short skirts, and the jean jacket I embroidered and wore with such pride when I was 13 (it doesn’t matter that it’s literally falling apart at the seams now).

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Awww C'mon KSA: Let The Girls Play!

susans_in_saudi.jpgIt's almost three years since I made my second of two business visits to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (I was living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the time).

Apparently things haven't changed much since 2009. In the lead up to the Olympic Summer Games, the Kingdom has officially said (according to Human Rights Watch), that it does not sanction the participation of women in sport.

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Slightly Tipsy Me Makes a FB Plea

Every now again everyone gets fed up. Including amazing me.

I've had one of those weeks where I reached the end of my rope. Five years of hard work seemed to go down the drain at the whim of Facebook and its (imho) stupidly short-sighted new marketing ploy to squeeze money out of its users.

After a facial and few glasses of wine, I'm reaching out to fans to see what kind of a response I get... 

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30 Things For Which I’m Grateful Mar 23/12

Mom  Susan St PatsMy online friend Holly Helt got me started on gratitude lists a couple of years ago  and I began penning them each and every morning.

Documenting the things for which we are grateful is a super way to stay positive and inspire oneself.

I’ve either become less disciplined or more overwhelmed than I was when I first started the practice, because the documentation of my gratitude has become more sporadic than systematic!

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