Wedding Dress Distress

wedding-dress-distress.jpgJust weeks away from the wedding, the bride was dismayed to find out that her young step-mother had purchased the exact same dress as her mother for the wedding. Needless to say, she was very upset.

The divorce of her parents had been bad enough, and having both her mother and step-mother at the wedding was going to be a nightmare. She didn't want anything more to spoil her special day. 

She approached the step-mother and asked her if she couldn't purchase a different dress.

"Absolutley not," was the reply. "I look like a million dollars in this dress, and I'm wearing it."
The bride finally broke the news to her mother - who responded with grace.

"Let's go shopping, she said.

After a successful shopping trip during which they bought a new dress for the bride's mother, the two settled in for lunch.

"Mom, your new dress looks amazing," the bride said. "I'm so glad you found an alternative for the wedding. But I'm surprised that you didn't bring your other dress with you as you could have returned it today, you won't likely have an occassion to wear it.'
"Not at all," said her Mom. "I have every intention of wearing it - to the rehersal dinner."


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