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Goodbyes Are STILL Sad Things, 33 Years Later

road of_lifeMy mother's sister Jean died just a few hours ago. She was 85, and she had Alzheimer's.

She had been hospitalised last week after she fell out of bed at the care facility where she had resided for the last five years.

She was known affectionatley to her sisters, brother, nieces and nephews as "Auntie Jean'o" or "AJ." She was a good soul with a kind heart. 

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My Darling Clementines: Christmas Reflections From Morocco

clementineSusan notes: Carolyn Theriault is a Canadian expatriate who lived in Turkey when she wrote this blog post; she is now in Kurdistan. Theriault is a prolific blogger, twitterer, and self-confessed "snark." She's also the author of Stealing Fatima's Hand, "an unforgettable collection of narratives presenting an alternative view of Morocco."

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