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Jae Rhim Lee (Artist/Innovator)

jae_rhim_lee.jpgArtist Jae Rhim Lee re-imagines the relationships between the body and the world.

Jae Rhim Lee is a visual artist and mushroom lover. In her early work, as a grad student at MIT, she built systems that reworked basic human processes: sleeping (check out her it-just-might-work vertical bed from 2004), urinating and eating (and the relationship between the two).

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Annie Murphy Paul (Science Writer/Mother)

annie_murphy_paul.jpgTo what extent the conditions we encounter before birth influence our individual characteristics?

It‘s the question at the center of fetal origins, a relatively new field of research that measures how the effects of influences outside the womb during pregnancy can shape the physical, mental and even emotional well-being of the developing baby for the rest of its life.

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