Shorty's Version Of Footprints In The Sand

Susan notes: this story is dedicated today to the people around the world facing hardship, challenges and/or violence.

footprints.jpgOne night I had a dream. I dreamed that I was walking along the sandy beach with God.

I am quite thankful that as we walked hand in hand, God showed me His infinite patience by not throwing me into the sea 'coz I must have asked Him "Are we there yet?" a million times.

At a certain point in our journey, I looked back and saw very interesting shapes stamped on the sand. I asked the Lord "Lord, why is that set of footprints laid all straight and deep?"

He answered "Those are mine, unchanging and steady". I saw another set beside His that were going in different directions, sometimes right, then left, then all of a sudden goes around and goes back again.

I asked Him "And what about those, Lord?" and He said smiling " Oh, those are yours, child. You like to dance around while we're walking when you're happy". That made me smile. I never thought He actually noticed me dancing around.

Well, I guess, God takes note of everything I do. Then we came upon a big hole dug on the sand. It was deep and dark, mind you. I tried to look into it, but it scared me 'coz it was so dark inside.

I moved a little nearer to my Lord and took His hand and asked " What's that hole in the sand ?"

He put His arms around me to comfort me as He answered "You fell into that hole sometime ago and I had to pull you out of it".

Strangely, I noticed that after the deep, dark hole in the sand, the only footprints left we're His. I then said "Where are my footprints, Father?"

The Lord replied, " You see, after I pulled you out of that hole, you we're all broken and wounded so I had to carry you because you were too weak to walk".

There were tiny drops on the sand too right beside His steady prints "And those tiny marks?" I pointed out.

"Those were your tears, you cried quite a lot then, but as you can see, I dried them all".

"But Lord, there are other tiny drops too beside mine, whose are those?" I said.

"Those are my tears, child, because when you cried, it broke my heart and I cried with you," My Lord answered.

Hand in hand as always, we walked a little farther and I saw that the footprints on the sand had become two sets once again. His was just as before, strong and steady and mine were once again going in all directions but they always seem to go back near His.

I noticed too that mine were a lot firmer imprinted on the sand this time. I marveled at this and asked the Lord what happened.

He looked at me with so much love in His eyes and said "The things you've gone through had just made your steps a lot surer and your heart a lot stronger. It's not going to matter what will come your way in this life. I just want you to know that through them all, I'M THERE BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE."

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