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7 Good Reasons to Leave Bad Love Relationships

IMG 3558When I put out a call to friends, fans and followers on the Amazing Women Rock Facebook page, I'm often delighted with the response.


“I'm writing a blog on good reasons to leave bad love relationships,” I wrote this time. “Anyone have any useful thoughts on that?”


I combined fan wisdom and mine and came up with this list of seven solid reasons to get out when love goes bad:

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10 Ways To Be A Good Wife (in 1954)

how-to-be-a-good-wife.jpgSusan notes: This piece, which i've received by email on several occasions, is said to have been taken from a home economics high school text book, circa 1954.

According to Snopes, the source is "undetermined." However, the Snopes commentary attached to the piece is insightful, and well worth a read. For evidence of the power of women to drive future economic prosperity, see: Women Are Agents of Geo-Political Change.

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