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A Poem to Get Rid of Fear...

By Joy Harjo

fearI release you,
my beautiful and terrible fear.
I release you.
You are my beloved and hated twin

but now I don’t know you
as myself.

I release you
with all the pain
I would know
at the death
of my children.

You are not my blood


By Nazia Usmani

hot-air-balloonsRise till you cease to feel
rise till you feel to cease
rise above your own thoughts
rise till you own your thoughts
rise above the myths of faith
rise above the whips of fate
rise when time does not stand by your side

Two Days Ahead

By Rebecca Brown

I must try and lead my dreams,
to where the lost and unforgiving answers,
rejuvenate their circle.

Two days, have somehow passed
and my eyes are half empty.

I still need to sleep.

Beyond The Black Restriction

By Swati Randev-Verma

swati-randev-verma.jpgBehind the veils of injustice,
Do you feel, as do I?
Do you feel the passions, aches and needs;
Do you then feel humiliated, ashamed, shy…?
Do you see the blurry world outside
And sometimes, silently cry?
Do you look beyond yours,
Wish, hope, pray; then just heave a heavy sigh?
Do you feel the need to break free;
Do you want to sometimes fly…?
Do you sometimes look at you
And simply wonder: why…?
Do you sometimes wish that you,
Yourself could go real high?
Do you feel the lack of privacy,
The presence of someone always there to pry…?
Does life seem very unfair to you,