Neda's Story, Five Months After Her Death

neda_hijab.jpgSusan notes: in June 2009, the world, myself included, watched horrified, as the lifeblood quickly flowed from Neda Agha Soltan in a street in Tehran. It took just a few minutes for her to die of a gunshot wound to the chest. It will take decades, perhaps centuries, for the meaning of her death to fade from the memories of Iranians. Perhaps it will never be forgotten.

Neda's mother pleaded with her not to go out on June 20, her music teacher, who was with her in the street, asked her to hang back from the front line of the protest. Ironically, she was on her way back to her car to leave when she was shot - an unlikely martyr in a battle for power, the outcome of which still remains to be seen. This five-part Frontline documentary examines Neda's life, and the environment surrounding the June 2009 Iranian elections.

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