Delaram Ali (Iranian Women's Rights Activist)

Susan notes: I've posted this short bio of Delaram Ali now to honour all the Iranian women (and men) who struggle today to make their country a better place in which to live. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and Women's Space.
I wonder if she has been amongst the demonstrators this past week.

Delaram Ali (دلارام علی) is a leading Iranian women's rights activist. In July 2007, she was charged with "participation in an illegal gathering", "propaganda against the system," and "disturbing the public order," for participating in a demonstration which was violently suppressed by police.

During the demonstration, Ali’s wrist was broken, she was beaten, bruised, arrested, charged and tried for the various crimes above. The trial court sentenced her to 39 months in jail and 10 lashes, which sentence was stayed pending a judicial review following a letter of protest to the head of the Judiciary. According to Women's Space, she was sentenced again (in November 2008) to four months in jail and 10 lashes for the same crimes; this latest sentence is was also stayed pending a new review.

Iran's Revolutionary Court sentenced her to 39 months of jail and 10 lashes. Delaram was handed a sentence for her participation in the peaceful gathering of women’s rights defenders in June 2006, in Hafte Tir Square, which ended with police violence and brutality and the arrest of 70 protesters.

The Women's Space blogger comments:

But nothing can stop these women really. Ultimately, the day will come when their dreams for human and civil rights are fulfilled. The youtube video below is of Delaram Ali, recounting the history of the women’s movement in Iran and her part in it.

What a courageous and inspiring visionary she is and so young, just in her early 20s. She calls her arrest and sentencing “blessed” because of the attention they have drawn to Iranian women’s plight and says even if authorities put her away, now another woman will come to take her place.