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Mandi’s 10-Point Manifesto on Being a Good Wife

1950s woman and child

After she read 10 Ways to Be a Good Wife (in 1954) Amazing Women Rock Facebook fan Mandi Russell came up with their own 10-point rebuttal.

Here it is:

I run my house, take care of my kids, work, and pay my own bills. If I ever decided to get married, my rebuttal to the 10 Ways to Be a Good Wife (1954) would be: 

1. There is food in the fridge if u r hungry - you're lucky I went to the grocery store after work, school and mommy duties!

2. My clothes were clean when I put them on this morning and I am not doing more f****** laundry than I need to.

3. Our house was clean yesterday, then the toddler tornado went through. Sorry you missed it.

4. The kids' clothes were clean this morning and their hair was done, sorry they played like kids do and they look like they had fun.

5. After having to work all day and being away from home for 12 solid hours, I have exactly 1 1/2 hours to get the kids to do their homework, cook dinner, eat dinner, clean the kitchen, do baths and get the kids in bed. Yes, there will be noise. Deal with it. Then, I have homework to do, and would appreciate quiet time.

6. If you want a drink, you know where to get it. Want your pillow fluffed or someone to get your slippers, hire a maid / servant :)

7. I will always listen to my kids talk first. They are growing human beings and need guidance.

8. If I work full time, go to college part time and am raising kids while my 'husband' works an 8 hour day, I’m not in any mood to hear about his 'stressful' day.

9. The goal of my house: to make it happy and healthy for my kids.

10. A smart man always knows when he has a good woman, and knows better than to tell her what her place is.


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