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Freya Hoffmeister (Kayaker/Adventurer)

Freya7 oz_2009Freya Hoffmeister (born May 10, 1964) is a German business owner and athlete who holds several sea kayaking endurance records.

She owns a chain of seven franchise ice cream cafes, a salad bistro and a Christmas shop in Germany.

In 2009 she completed a circumnavigation of Australia solo and unassisted, becoming the first woman and only the second person ever to do so. 

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You Are Exactly Where You Should Be

pink clock

Words of wisdom from Daily Om.

Every person fulfills their purpose when the time is right.

Since human timetables quite often do not correspond with universal timetables, it's common for people to feel that life is progressing too slowly or too quickly.

We draft carefully composed plans only to find that they fall into place when we least expect. 

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