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Stay Psyched AFTER Success

Whatever you do - sports, business, volunteering - perhaps the only thing harder than winning is… winning again!

Getting that next writing assignment, winning new clients, starting a new book or article or dealing effectively with a challenging situation can be as difficult, perhaps even MORE difficult, the second time around as it was the first. 

How to Write a Story

How to Write a Story

Bravo! You know an amazing, inspirational woman who rocks, and you want to write a story about her. Maybe you admire her from afar, maybe you know her personally - she may even be YOU! So where do you to start?

One of many ways

We started by researching (hey - that's a good place for you to start too!), to find out what the best writers in the world say about writing. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of international best-seller Eat, Pray, Love, says: