Stay Psyched AFTER Success

Whatever you do - sports, business, volunteering - perhaps the only thing harder than winning is… winning again!

Getting that next writing assignment, winning new clients, starting a new book or article or dealing effectively with a challenging situation can be as difficult, perhaps even MORE difficult, the second time around as it was the first. 

This is especially true for work-alone writers, entrepreneurs and, yes, rocking amazing women who go it alone and don't have the energy of a "team" behind them.

You can send and receive emails, and blog your heart out – but it doesn’t replace the encouraging smile of a pal, a pat on the back, or the sound of a friend’s or colleague’s voice saying, “You go girl!”

Energizing tips

Here are four tips to avoid getting sideswiped by lethargy and competitors' counterattacks as you juggle providing superior service for the contract just won, the article just assigned, or the project just completed - while at the same time lining up new business or getting ready for the next project.

Break New Ground

Even when we're on top of the world, there's room for improvement, so work on specific skills. In all endeavors, this may mean expanding our marketplace or sharpening client follow-up. The key is to focus on a new goal - a new idea or concept.

Networking during trade meetings can provide lots of new ideas and opportunities. And, yes, so can blogging – providing your blogs are well thought out, informational and sincere enough to prompt more than a two-word response.

Make A Change

When we're winners, it's hard to avoid feeling that success will repeat itself if we just keep doing what we’re doing. Constancy is fine when it means providing consistently good service to clients, employers and volunteer organizations.

To stay self-energized and self-motivated, try new techniques, different ideas, innovative approaches, new technologies and enhanced services.

Reward Others

Are you part of a team or working within any team effort? It's no secret that some folks get most of the recognition. This sometimes causes quiet resentment, and a lack of enthusiasm.

If you are a team leader (even if you are leading a team of outside suppliers), be appreciative of others’ efforts and make it clear that success could not have happened without their support.  Be explicit. Give examples of how each team member contributed to the success.

By the way, the recognition factor also goes for our families and friends who have supported us in our efforts as well! 

Be Good to Yourself

It's a given that sacrifices are made in the pursuit of new business and success. Sportswomen sometimes compete despite painful injuries. Salespersons, writers, editors, and managers work late, often eat poorly and deny themselves time with their families and friends (that goes double for the self-employed entrepreneur working alone with only a computer for company). But there’s a limit to anyone's stamina and spirit.

A good way to top up your energy reserves is to treat yourself. Consider a long soak in a tub filled with fragrance... A fresh flower on your vanity... A trip to an art museum... Do whatever puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart. You’re worth it!

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