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Bruno The Cat Thinks He Is A Dog

Bruno_The_Cat_Thinks_He_Is_A_DogMy friend May (whose native language is Arabic), has a cat named Bruno, who she has somehow taught to fetch.

Or perhaps Bruno was actually a dog in a previous life and already knew, at some deep level, how to fetch. In any case, this is proof positive that we may have many more skills and talents than what our outward appearance might first suggest.

Fetch Bruno. Fetch!

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Take A Look: They Can Do It, So Can We

bella and_tarraWhen elephants retire, many head for the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tenn. They arrive one by one, but they tend to live out their lives two-by-two.

"Every elephant that comes here searches out someone that she then spends most all of her time with," says sanctuary co-founder Carol Buckley.

"It's like having a best girlfriend. Somebody they can relate to, they have something in common with."

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