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Letters From Abu Dhabi

susan_on_great_wall_med.jpgI moved to Abu Dhabi from my native Canada (with my then-husband Bob), in 1993.

Over the course of the next 10 years, I wrote letters to family and friends around the world from my new home in the Middle East. I also documented some of our trips to interesting destinations.

I’m re-publishing the letters here, as and when I get a chance to edit them (see links below).

Getting Here

October 5, 1993

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

We've been here a little over a month and I'm finally getting around to writing the newsletter I promised ya'll back in Canada and other faraway places.  I hope this will be the first in a series, subsequent copies of which will be delivered to those who reply in some way to this inaugural issue.

Before I tell you about Abu Dhabi, let me take a step back and fill you in on our week in the Netherlands at the end of August...

Hot as Hades

October 10, 1993

Abu Dhabi, UAE

We deplaned in Abu Dhabi around midnight on September 1 after a nine-hour flight.  Walking into the 40 C heat was like walking into a brick wall.  As we made our way through the duty free, the passport clearance, and customs, I felt certain the airport air conditioning must not be working.

Then we stepped outside...

Dreaming of a White Christmas

December 1, 1993
Abu Dhabi, UAE

HO! HO! Hope you're enjoying the snow!

Those of you in Canada should be knee deep in the fluffy stuff by the time you get this if a white Christmas is in the cards.  Although, I can remember many a Christmas when the snow held off 'til the last minute, and even a few when we didn't see any until the gift giving and turkey dinner were only memories.

Driven to Distraction (Part 1)

December 27, 1993
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Let me see. Where did I leave off the last time…? Ah yes, driving.

Driving is a dangerous sport in the UAE. Venture out onto the roads and you take your life into your hands. No kidding.  In the last three days I've seen as many accidents while I'm out and about.  The other night I was sitting out on the balcony reading, when I heard the screech of brakes from the road that runs past our building...