A Tribute to Susan Macaulay

Posted By Lynn Hamam

Of all the qualities that a human, man or woman, can possess, I think the greatest quality is compassion.

I could write many things about Susan, she's fun, she's beautiful, she's inspirational, a motivator...

...but when I think of Susan, I see a heart. I see a heart so big, with so much love and compassion to share with whoever enters her life, and whoever is in need.

I wrote this poem as a tribute to my colleague, to a woman who has made a change in my life, and to my friend, Susan.


Her soul sees the pain and joy of this world,
Through the windows of her eyes,
While the wonder of a new day unfolds,
So the child weak with hunger cries,

As the mothers’ hearts are torn in two,
For their young sons lost to war,
She watches them with a heavy load,
What is all of the fighting for?

While another tortured soul is abused,
She hears their pitiful call,
The flowers bloom, the birds sing,
Softly, quietly, endlessly they fall,

And the world is in need of a love like this,
Of the purest, unselfish kind,
As we continue to search for fortune and fame,
Just what is it we’re hoping to find?

For we need to see that we need each other,
We are connected through our fears,
And the need for hatred, pain and suffering,
Will be cleansed with Susan’s tears.

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