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Mena Trott On Blogs

mena_trott.jpgThe founding mother of the blog revolution, Mena Trott, realized that giving regular people the power to share our lives online would be the key to a friendlier, more connected world.

Trott and her husband Ben developed Movable Type for their own use in 2001, but it became immensely popular and they dove in full-time. 

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ...

Sarah_Kayhands are not about politics / this is a poem about love / and fingers/ fingers interlock like a beautiful zipper of prayer

--Sarah Kay

Plenty of 14-year-old girls write poetry. But few hide under the bar of the famous Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan’s East Village absorbing the talents of New York’s most exciting poets.

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22 Amazing Women Make Mainstage History at TED 2014

TED 2014 logoOne third of the speakers on the TED 2014 main stage will be women. An additional 16 will participate in the "All Star" sessions, which again represents about one third of the sessions' speakers.

I believe stages everywhere (including those at TED and TEDx conferences) should reflect the ratio of women to men in the world's population (i.e. about 50:50).

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