Women & Children In Malawi

Susan notes: these are by professional photographer and AWR community member David Hobcote, who went to Malawi in 2008 to capture images of the land and its wildlife, and ended up being touched by the plight of the women and children he found there. He subsequently donated his images to Moni Malawi, a charity dedicated to helping the poor in Malawi.

David says: There are plenty of amazing women in Malawi putting up with the everyday life struggles including hunger, malaria and AIDS. The average life expectancy for a Malawian woman is 37, and one in five children there is an orphan.

The old lady in this shot is exceptional – she’s 82!!! She's the mother of one of the men that runs an orphanage for children whose mothers have died of HIV/AIDS. The other shots (click to continue to seem them), show women in their daily roles, including fetching water from a village pump, collecting wood and washing in the river.