Three Amazing Women Leave This Life

At least three amazing women were among the 50 people killed in Thursday’s plane crash in Buffalo New York.

Beverly Eckert, whose husband died in the World Trade Center tragedy, co-founded "Voices of September 11," an advocacy group for survivors and 9/11 families.

Alison Des Forges, a senior adviser of the New York-based Human Rights Watch's Africa Division spent four years in Rwanda documenting the 1994 genocide and had testified about that atrocity and the current situation in central Africa before U.N. and congressional panels.

Twenty-five-year-old Rebecca Shaw, a flight technology graduate of Central Washington University, was the flight co-pilot.

This moving video of her family, who show remarkable grace in the face of losing a cherished daughter and sister, is both sad and celebratory. Shaw’s mother describes Rebecca’s passion for life and her love of flying.


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