This Will Be A Fantastic List of Great Organisations to Empower Women

This is a new list in the making, based on the huge success of AWR's list of online resources to empower girls.

If the main purposes of your organisation is to empower women, you belong on this list! Help me to build it, here's how:

I'm happy to include relevant, helpful, passsionate people, projects, ventures and organisations whose mission is to empower women. Send me your stuff like this:

  • Format your material exactly as the others on the list (maximum 120 words)
  • a logo in keeping with the size of others on the list (.jpg, .jpg; max 160 pixels x 160 pixels & 50kb)
  • 'full' versions of the URLs to your website and social media accounts (i.e. not just a link in the document, the full URL so I can create the links).

Only those submissions that EXACTLY follow the above instructions may be included on the list.

E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.