They Were Dogging LOL: Strictly For Voyeurs

Susan notes: oops! Another one of those posts about which I have to give a warning... BTW, in case you are not familiar with the term, here's the Wikipedia definition:

Dogging is a British English euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so. There may be more than two participants; both group sex and gang banging can be included. As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging. The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly or (increasingly) arrange to meet up beforehand over the Internet.


In September 2003 the BBC reported on the 'new' dogging craze. They cited the Internet and text messaging as very common ways of organising meetings. The original definition of dogging – and which is still a closely-related activity – is spying on couples having sex in a car or other public place. There is some evidence on the Internet that the 'craze' has recently begun to spread to other countries.