Suzie Daggett - I AM, WHO ARE YOU? TEDxGrassValley

suzie-daggett.jpgFor many, the "who am I?" question is quite elusive and sometimes unanswerable. Publisher Suzie Daggett believes that once you have a deeper knowledge of who you are, you can create change in your world, and become a powerful effective human being.

Knowing about intuition, choices, spirituality, inner knowledge, can assist knowing more about who you are.

Since 2002, Suzie has published the Insight Directory, a twice- yearly publication for the Sierra Nevada Foothills with listings of healing arts practitioners, products and services promoting healthy, sustainable living with a circulation of 12,000.

As a community service, an E-News is sent bi-monthly to a dedicated list, and E-Flyers are sent as requested. An active website is maintained with a calendar, articles, classifieds and more:

IN 2005 Suzie created Insight Lectures, with three to five high quality lectures offered to the public featuring national wellness speakers.

Suzie is a Columnist for the Nevada City Advocate interviewing health and wellness practitioners, and she sometimes is a guest host for KVMR radio.

Susan notes: Thanks to TED for making TED Talks downloadable and embeddable, and for providing the biographical information that goes along with them.

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