Sunni Brown (Doodle Revolutionary)

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sunni_brown.jpgSunni Brown is a business owner, creative director, speaker and co-author of one of Amazon’s Top 100 Business Books titled GameStorming: A Playbook for Rule-breakers, Innovators and Changemakers. She’s best known for her large-scale live content visualizations, and she is also the leader of The Doodle Revolution – a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction.

Using common sense, experience and neuroscience, Sunni is proving that to doodle is to ignite your whole mind – a concept she’ll reinforce at the TED Conference in Long Beach this year (whoo!).

She will teach the world how to master “strategic doodling” in her 2nd book, The Doodle Revolution. But until the book exists, Sunni is content to interview, speak and write articles on the power of visual thinking.

Her work was recently featured in The Washington Post, Shape Magazine, Net Magazine UK, A List Apart and the Arab News. Sunni has presented on graphic facilitation, Gamestorming and innovation, and visual thinking and the brain at events like SXSW, the IDEA Conference, Duarte Design, the NY School of Visual Arts and her living room.

Here she is talking about the importance of doodling:


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