Stretch Into Using New Technologies

From a recent business study conducted by Accenture:
...there is one area where women in general need to stretch more, and that is technology.

More than three-quarters (79 percent) of men and women who claimed to be "very successful" said they rely on technology in their current roles, and 74 percent of senior executives keep up with the latest technologies, versus 57 percent of those below management levels.

Yet, at the same time, just 59 percent of women called themselves early adopters or innovators of technology, compared to 70 percent of men. In fact, women said they are early adopters or innovators of technology as much as men only in India, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

This discrepancy between men and women does not bode well for women. We've known for some time that technology—blogs, social networks, PDAs, microsites, etc.—play a growing role in the business environment and can help professionals achieve success.
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By Roxanne Taylor
U.S. News & World Report