Shhhhh...We're the Secret!

In a recent article in Ode magazine , communicators Lisa Witter and Lisa Chen spill the beans: women are the secret to changing the world. Okay, so we all knew it already, but they back it up with some useful evidence:

  • Rwandan women (75 per cent of the population after the 1994 genocide), are behind an astounding national comeback. They comprise nearly half of Rwanda’s lower house of parliament, the highest percentage worldwide.
  • Women control more than half the total wealth in America, and give as much to charity, even though they earn only 78 cents to a man’s dollar.
  • Women volunteer more and turn out in greater numbers to vote.
  • Both former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus believe that investing in women is by far the most effective way to reduce poverty and effect social change.
Witter and Chen, co-authors of The She Spot: Why Women are the Marke for Changing the World - And How to Reach Them, are senior executives at Fenton Communications.

(Based on an article in the May 2008 issue of Ode magazine)