full_share_logo_-_copy_large.jpgMany girls who attend primary school in East Africa struggle to become literate. They are expected to perform household chores, such as fetching water, collecting firewood, and planting beans, instead of pursuing their studies. SHARE is  edicated to addressing this problem by empowering girls in Africa through education. SHARE has created 4 libraries, equipped with a total of 23,000 books and serving more than 3000 students in rural Tanzania.

In Africa, SHARE:

  • runs girls reading classes
  • renovates schools & builds libraries
  • trains teachers
  • and more!

In the US, SHARE:

  • spreads awareness & raise funds to support work in Africa
  • conducts book and school-supply drives & ships donations to Africa
  • operates a Pen Pal Program
  • and more!

twitter: @SHAREinAfrica