Richard’s Rwanda

richardsrwanda.jpg Richard’s Rwanda is a group of Seattle students who are working together to support Rwandan girls’ education. We provide financial support to low-income girls in the rural area of Nyamata to enable them to complete their primary education and six years of secondary school. Fifteen-year-old Jessica Markowitz, a freshman at Garfield High School in Seattle Washington, established Richard’s Rwanda IMPUHWE in October 2006 to help Rwandan girls receive the education they deserve.

The organization’s objectives include reducing the gender discrimination that prevents girls from completing primary and secondary education, developing an on-going cross-cultural exchange program between high school students in Seattle, WA and primary and secondary girls in Nyamata and Kigali Rwanda and supporting the mentorship provided by girls from Fawe Girls School in the Rwandan capital Kigali, to low income girls in the rural district of Nyamata.