Perfectly Imperfect, Inc.

perfectly-imperfect.jpgPerfectly Imperfect was created, designed, and founded Brandi N. Matthews. It’s mission is to  challenge motivate and empower the young women of our society, to promote education, life skills,  and social awareness.
Perfectly Imperfect’s main focus is to promote the “I.A.M. Our Tomorrows” Idea: Which implies that “I am Inspiring, Assisting, and Motivating our Tomorrows! “Inspiring” that inner self, that inner beauty, and that self worth which we all have within.  “Assisting” in teen pregnancy prevention, life skills, PSAT/SAT prep, career assessments, preparing for transition from middle school to high school from high school into college or workplace, counseling, and other peer group sessions. “Motivating” to believe it, achieve it, and set no limits.
Perfectly Imperfect  believes this concept  helps increase the knowledge and well being of our young women.

Twitter: @BrandiMatthews