One Step at a Time Benefits Emirati Women

najla_al_awadhi.jpgNajla Al Awadhi, a female member of the United Arab Emirates Federal National Council recently spoke out in the UAE parliament on a piece of legislation regarding housing for Emirati women who have married non-Emirati men.

An article she wrote describing the process and the debate appears in yesterday's Gulf News. In it she says:

The law that we passed in parliament is just the beginning. The road to progress starts by breaking the silence in the face of practices and ideologies which we know are repressive and unjust, it starts by taking a stand, and it starts by creating awareness.

It was a victory. It was a proud moment. I knew that because of what we did, some day some Emirati woman will benefit.
We still have major hurdles, particularly in terms of reforming mindsets…

It's a long road ahead, but we are unwavering, and each small victory paves the way for greater justice in the advancement of the rights of Emirati women, until we get to a point where our society sees beyond gender and only weighs the merit of the human being.

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By Najla Al Awadhi
Gulf News, UAE