No Sight No Barrier for Amazing Young Woman

mais_ahmad_hamudi.jpgA visually-impared young woman emerged tops in the mid-year final exams in Dubai. Mais Ahmad Hamudi scored 97.8 per cent and was ranked among the top scorers.

"I don't think the finals were difficult," said 16-year-old Hamudi. "Of course the exam was different from what we are accustomed to. The questions looked different and indirect, but it was easy to work out the answers. It's all there in the new curriculum. One just had to think through and analyse more in these tests."

The ambitious and inspiring young woman spent a lot of time translating some of her books from written form to Braille, with the assistance of her parents and siblings. Books written in Braille are not easily supplied in schools, Hamudi says.

Siham Al Najami
Gulf News