More Than Amazing Meryl Streep

meryl-streep.jpgAs I post this from my hotel room in Malaysia, the Oscar ceremony is underway in California.

Penelope Cruz has already won the Oscar for best supporting actress, I’m watching videos of Natalie Portman and Alicia Keyes both arriving in a fabulous strapless PINK gowns (WOW), and I’m hoping my all-time favourite actress Meryl Streep will win her third Oscar for what is hailed as being an absolutely brilliant performance in her latest movie Doubt (which is nominated for numerous Oscars and which I’ve yet to see!).

I am among millions of Meryl Streep fans worldwide.

Few would argue that she is the best actress of our generation. She has a record 15 Oscar nominations (and two wins as of this minute);  25 Golden Globe nominations (six awards); and prizes from every other imaginable group and organization relating to film, drama, theatre, and television.

Regardless of whether she wins an Oscar this time or not, she is an amazing woman and wonderful role model.

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