Mena Trott (Blogger/Entrepreneur)

mena-trott.jpgBefore Tumblr and David Karp, there was Mena Trott. Credited for starting the blogging boom, Trott was an avid blogger with a personal blog way back in 2001.

Dissatisfied with existing blogging tools, she and her husband Ben developed Moveable Type out of their spare bedroom.

Since then, the Trotts have also been responsible for TypePad, LiveJournal, and Vox, all highly popular, mainstream blogging software for the masses, some of which they developed and some of which they acquired.

The blogging platforms now exist under Six Apart, the company Mena and her husband started in 2002 and of which she is co-founder and president. The blogging phenomenon doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon, and neither is Mena Trott.

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By Joyce C. Tang
The Daily Beast

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