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Maria LandoLife is full of numbers. We use them when carefully carving the weekend schedule to fit around the birthday parties, sports activities and kids' play dates. When trying to convince ourselves to buy expensive winter boots because their cost-per-wear appears reasonably small.

When predicting the most likely place to bump into the target of our obsession. Math can be our friend, our tool and our weapon.

We all are much better at it than we think. By finding our own peace with math we won't be transferring our math fears over to our kids. Math is for everyone to enjoy. Come play along at

Read about Math in the style of "Sex and the City": cool, entertaining, non-intimidating and hip.

  • Math can help you figure out how many people you should date in order to be confident you setting down with the right one.
  • Math can suggest the real anti-salt recipe.
  • Math can offer a great treasure hunt game for your kids next birthday.
  • Math can tell how the height of Egyptian pyramids was measured.
  • Math can tell why airplane flight curve is not straight.
  • and many many more

Can math help save humanity?  Perhaps.  Using my own relocation experience, I create a Green Family Relocation Tool that saves time, reduces transportation expenses, lowers carbon footprint and improves well-being:

We rank commuting is our least favorite activity. People with longer commute time report systematically lower well-being. Yet, most of us spend more than an hour a day in traffic. For families, the daily commute pattern is a complex web of who-when-where. The Optimal Home Location tool shrinks this web of commuting by finding a minimal commute location for your home.

Optimal Home Location tool takes into account a specific commute pattern of each family and uses complex math algorithms to suggest where one may want to live in order to minimize combined family commute.

For most families, Optimal Home Location is not at all in the center of all the points they commute to, as many people assume. It depends on how far and how frequently you commute to each locations. Reducing your commute by even 10 miles per day may mean 100 additional hours with your family, $500 savings per year, as well as happier you and healthier environment.

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