Magical Murals

The mosaic mural below, entitled Trust, was unveiled in 2008 at the Cochrane Ranche House, in Alberta, Canada.

Each tile is one foot square, and each was painted by a different artist. That means 180 artists together produced the mural, which is 12 feet high and 18 feet wide.

Click on the image itself to go to the website where you can then click on each of the individual tiles to see them in detail. (Panel 82 for example, is an acrylic painting by Lewis Lavoie entitled Hangliding Haven. Viewed close up, it's the image of a helmuted person with sunglasses on; viewed at a distance it becomes the horse's eye.)


Panel 82 (below), Hangliding Haven, is the horse's eye in the mural.


Thanks to:
Irit Matzov
Calgary, Canada