Learn How To Spell Or Go To Hell !

heaven-sign.jpgA woman died and found herself in a strange place.

She walked until she came to a very high fence, around a spectacularly beautiful area, full of obviously happy people.

She called out to one, who came over to her.

"What is this place?" the woman asked.

"This is Heaven," came the answer.

"How do I get in?" the woman asked.

"There's no gate," the insider answered.  "You have to pass a test for access. It's a one word spelling test - you must be able to spell the word LOVE."

 "That's easy," the woman said. "It's L-O-V-E!"

The instant she said the letter "E" she found herself magically in heaven.

She lived in bliss, until one day when she heard a familiar voice calling. She looked toward the sound, and saw her husband just outside the fence.

She went over to where he stood and saw he was practically in tears.  "I've missed you so," he sobbed. "The house is in shambles, I haven't had a decent meal in years, and everyone ignores me! Please tell me how I can be with you again..."

The wife looked at him coolly and said: "Well, this is Heaven, and there's a one-word spelling test to get in..."

"Tell me the word," her husband said. "I can't wait to be with you again..."

Smiling slightly, she replied: "It's CZECHOSLOVAKIA."

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