Lead Your Parade With Passion & Purpose

Clara FreemanGuest blog post by Clara Freeman.

“Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams, unless you choose to be a star.”

An editor sent this in a return envelope, with a rejected contest submission piece I’d entered when I was a newbie freelance writer.

I recall the butterflies ‘all a flutter’ in the pit of my stomach as I anxiously tore open that envelope.

Before the height of email, many writers sent their works to publishers and editors via regular snail mail, folded with a return envelope for notifications of acceptance or, rejection of a piece.

I knew by the feel of the envelope that my piece was returned. My heart sank, of course, at the thought of my work being rejected-again. I fingered the contest submission as I began to read the standard “Sorry to inform you” blurb. Usually, when I got a rejected piece, I’d simply leave the submission in its return envelope, not wanting to be reminded of what I’d written. This time I decided to re-read the piece.

His was a weird rejection as I’d only encountered the lone standard rejection form letter before. This editor was actually encouraging me to continue my dreams. Not only that, he’d scrawled the words “you are an excellent writer, Clara” along the sidebar of the submission, with a happy face for emphasis. Oh, man, I’m sure every writer can attest to the number of rejections they’ve received during the course of their careers. It’s a given. But, how many got a happy face?

The lesson on the journey to living your passion and purpose in this; your one life, is simple. Give it your best shot and never, ever, give up on your vision to create. Many naysayers will come up from the woodwork, including family, friend &, love ones, to try and mislead you, in what sometimes becomes  “their” best interests when comparing your achievement to others. Don’t believe the hype! 

We each make strides at our own pace. Some of us continue to step into our greatness, full speed ahead. Others tend to savor each moment of accomplishment by taking it one step at a time. Who’s to say, one way is better than the next? Lead your own parade.

You and only you can determine how fast you want to climb the ladder to success. Before embarking upon a career as a freelance writer, author and motivational mentor for women, I spent thirty years in a rewarding nursing career. Nursing, some might say, is what I’m known for. I’ve been given a wonderful gift for helping to heal others. 

The skills and valuable lessons I’ve earned can never be replaced. Nursing came for me, from a place of servitude and compassion- valuable leadership components that will no doubt carry me through in my passion to empower women on a journey to re-awakening to their purpose.

Success, while defined in a monetary sense, is a good thing. Success, as it encompasses who we are, as it pertains to our walking in “truth” becomes the greatest success story of all… If you are passionate about your passion, make it happen. “Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams, unless you choose to be a star.” Andre L. West

Clara Freeman is a former nurse, nurse advice columnist and author, living in Illinois. An advocate for women, children and the elderly, she recently self published, A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story, a self help ebook for women on a journey to re-awakening to their authentic truths. Feel free to visit Clara’s motivational website for women at authentic-woman.net.

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