Kathleen Cameron (Changent/Artist)

Kathleen CameronCreative expression emerging from a NEED to collectively highlight and educate for social improvement.war kills kill war tshirt - available at redbubble.com/people/kathleen Involves many varied social contexts and definitions.

Includes an understanding not only of geography but also history and tradition, ethnicity and dedication or belief in spirit.

Includes topics/issues (but not limited to): racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, classism, ableism and all forms of discrimination that create marginalisation in society.

Concerned with the functionality of art in public arenas including community development, corrections, education, intergenerational communications, aging, environment, conflict resolution, cultural citizenship etc.

Work with all media, in all disciplines, everywhere.

Committed to bringing arts and education to highlight and expose the widest possible range of social conditions and challenges facing our communities.

Seek to create social change on every level of society, from the most ‘personal’ to the most ‘political’.

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The Art Action Union accepts submissions (visual and written) and ideas based on some of these guidelines…

Creative political statements and/or critique
Social commentary
Banners, posters, pamphlets, effigies, rally and picket line artwork
In your face statements clear and bold
The message is more important than the art
Text and symbolism are often strong indications of ACTIVIST ART
Ideally the intended purpose of the art/written work is to educate and raise awareness in the broader community about a concerning issue in society
Education and discussion are encouraged

Missionat this rate the future looks grim tshirt available at redbubble.com/people/kathleen

to empower and gather activist artists together to broaden the appeal of communication of messages regarding important issues in society.

to promote and market our activities with a critical mass wherever possible to strengthen voice and communication of the message.

to ACTION issues as they arrive and when needed, but to also continually create awareness about social justice and topics that are always under scrutiny or are concerning to the artists.

to forge links with larger and more influential socially active community networks, in order to get exposure to coordinate when needed and to gain artists opportunities to get their ideas into the public arena through internet, print and ultimately traditional events such as exhibitions.preserve natural beauty tshirt available at redbubble.com/people/kathleen

to stimulate awareness amongst our communities by actively acting collectively and artistically.

to aspire to inspire.

The aim of the Art Action Union Group is to create awareness for current concerning issues to educate the greater community. The Group coordinates to create awareness with collaborative campaigns by which the group create interpretations on issues important to them and collate them together (however participation is not a pre-requisite for membership).

To seek and create social change on every level of society, from the most personal to the most political.

To ASPIRE TO INSPIRE a positive artistic force for social change by utilising creative skills to present a message and to get exposure for important artworks and activist artists.

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