In My Bubble: Natasha Moloo Draws Her Jihad

Susan notes: as the debate around hijab continues throughout the world, I found this unique perspective, artfully delivered, to be fascinating. Obviously others did as well - it was the Winner of the 2010 Mosquers Video Contest in the social Conscience Category. According to The Mosquers site, it is:

"...a program under the Centre for Race and Culture, its video contest encourages Muslims (and Non-Muslims alike) to “grab a camera and send a message” about Muslims or Islam in Canada. For the last three years, The Mosquers has been very successful in addressing stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam to the media and general public.

By encouraging individuals to use the artistic medium of film/video, young Muslims have been given the opportunity to entertain, educate and decrease stereotypes & misconceptions about Islam in a creative and effective way."


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