Her Unique Face: A Poem By Shemiza Rashid

By Shemiza Rashid

veiled-woman.jpgHer veil the fabric of her being,
ripped to shreds by the shrouded debate.
Silently savaged by a political agenda,
awaiting eagerly for her people to surrender.
Placing her in the worlds glare
to be watched by soulless stares.
They say she plays hide and seek,
but they misunderstand,
she is but at peace
in this eclectic land that talks of freedom of rights.
That has placed so much value upon one’s face.
To carve, to drain and to pump, and paint
Imprisoned by fashion, by month, by week or by date.
So free is she my nikabi sister .....
Her veil, her fabric protecting her unique untainted face.

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