Ginny Woods - Compassion into Action TEDxGrassValley

ginny-woods.jpgGinny Woods comes from a family of healers. She is a mother, grandmother, registered nurse, Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapist, certified Chinese massage therapist and instructor, Reiki master teacher, certified Feng Shui consultant, and an ordained Tibetan Buddhist nun.

She has been a midwife, paramedic nurse, hospice practitioner, and created her own preschool.

In 2000, Ginny began traveling to China to train at the famed Beijing Massage Hospital in Beijing. She became an instructor to her Tuina Massage students there and continues yearly teaching programs there.

After 20 years of Buddhist practice, she made a second trip to India to receive ordination as a Tibetan Buddhist nun of the Kagyu lineage.

She is now called by her spiritual name, ani Karma Drolma. Ordination has deepened her commitment to help end the suffering of all sentient beings by empowering people to become all they are capable of being.

She does this by helping to relieve physical and emotional suffering, feeding the homeless, teaching meditation, traveling to third world countries as a nurse volunteer, creating opportunities in her community for the citizens to help others, and encouraging others to develop compassion and respect for all life.

We are all connected. We all suffer and wish for happiness.

Susan notes: Thanks to TED for making TED Talks downloadable and embeddable, and for providing the biographical information that goes along with them.

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