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Hélène Cixous (Feminist/Philosopher)

Helene-Cixous guardianHélène Cixous (born 5 June 1937) is a professor, French feminist writer, poetphilosopher, and literary critic.

She holds honorary degrees from Queen's University and the University of Alberta in Canada; University College Dublin in Ireland; the University of York and University College London in the UK; and Georgetown University, Northwestern University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA.

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Share Feminine Wisdom: SheQuotes!

she quotes logo square pinterestSheQuotes is a sister initiative of Amazing Women Rock. We quote women exclusively on Twitter and Facebook.

Our mission is to amplify the voice of women worldwide. We want to share the wisdom of as many women as possible around the world with as many other women (and men!) as possible around the world.

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