Christina Lampe-Onnerud (Battery Pioneer)

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christina_lampe-onnerud.jpgDr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud is a well-known authority in the battery industry. She has pioneered the use of lithium-ion and other materials to deliver more powerful, longer lasting, safer, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable batteries for applications ranging from laptops to electric vehicles and utility energy storage.

Prior to founding Boston-Power, Dr. Lampe-Önnerud was one of the youngest partners ever appointed at Arthur D. Little/TIAX, where she ran the company's globally-renowned battery labs, defined strategies for the world's top chemical and battery organizations, and directed high-profile market evaluations.

Earlier in her career, she served as a director and senior scientist at Bell Communications Research. With close to 30 patents awarded in energy storage power solutions.

Dr. Lampe-Önnerud has earned considerable recognition and has received a wide range of awards. Most recently she was elected a lifetime member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.

The IVA is the world’s oldest engineering academy, whose members consist of an exclusive group of accomplished technologists furthering engineering and economic sciences, and the development of industry for the benefit of society.

Additional accolades include: the World Economic Forum 2010 Technology Pioneer; 2010 Sustainable Leadership Award; 100 Top Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's Magazine of Innovation; Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for Clean Tech, New England region; Stevie Award for Women in Business as Best Entrepreneur; Mass High Tech Women to Watch; and Top Innovators of 2008 by EDN Magazine.


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