Be Hot or Not, More on HRT

What’s a sweaty, flushed, insomniac, irritable mid-life woman to do?

Conflicting reports about hormone replacement therapy are making legions of boomers hot and sweaty under the collar

As every menopausal woman knows, there is nothing quite like the hot flash, that sudden is-it-me-or-is-it-hot-in-here moment that takes your breath away. It’s an attack that leaves your face the colour of a ripe tomato, your hair plastered to your head and your clothes soaked through by a flop sweat reminiscent of Albert Brooks in Broadcast News.
One minute you are a fully functioning alpha female in your power suit and kitten heels; the next you’re a steaming mass of hormonal confusion desperately hoping the meeting will end so you can go out and roll in the nearest snowbank. It invariably happens at the most inopportune moment: while presenting a business plan to the Board or on the first date after a divorce.

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By Julie Mason
The Ottawa Citizen