Baria Daye (Entrepreneur/Thought Leader)

baria-daye.jpgBaria Daye is currently a Board member in the Maurice Fadel Prize competition for the best business plan in Northern Lebanon, where the poverty rate reaches as high as 38% and where there lies a lot of potential for growth and business development.
She also founded and is the president of an NGO operating in Tripoli, North Lebanon called Tripoli Youth Forum, which has been organizing strategic events in Tripoli that are either international or taking place for the first time in the city.

Tripoli Youth Forum organized the first Stand Against Poverty Global UN Campaign in Lebanon in 2009 in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and  with two other partners  coordinated the first Tripoli International Half Marathon.

She is also an Executive Secretary at the Fadila Wassef Fattal Cultural Salon, a prestigious forum that had been in operation since 1988, and which receives a diversity of speakers and intellectuals from the Arab World; they lecture  on a variety of topics from religion to politics, arts, music, philosophy, women rights, human rights, culture and poetry.
Daye has also been nominated and selected by the American Embassy to attend the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)  in February 2011.