Anna Mracek Dietrich (Inventor)

anna_mracek_dietrichs.jpgAnna Mracek Dietrich is a private pilot trying to making aviation accessible, safe -- and a reasonable way to get to work in a flying car.

With husband Carl and their team at Terrafugia, in Massachusetts, they are building the first practical flying car (or, as they also term it, the Roadable Aircraft), which is designed to fold its wings, enabling it to be driven like a normal car.

In 2009, Terrafugia successfully flew a proof-of-concept model, and they anticipate that Transition, the first production model, will be on the road by the end of 2011. She says: "The most common question we got was 'You know that's impossible, right?' Now that we've done it, I don't get that question nearly so often."

Take a look, it's fascinating:

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