A Tribute to Zahida Ijaz

Posted by Azfar Shayan
May 9, 2010
The world’s undeniably best “Special Mom“
azfars_mom_2.jpgBeing a mother is the world’s most difficult job they say
But inspite of your handicap, you took care of us everyday
You  bore andgave birth to three children with great pains
You gave up your own,for their personal gains
You cradled  and cuddled each one with love
 Nurtured and cultured them with only help from ABOVE
Your lap was our first and last institution
Your life is indeed a true inspiration...

 You taught us everything from English to Maths
Whether it was geography, history or stats
You worked and cooked and sewed and knitted
While we explored which you permitted
You taught us to speak, talk and debate
You taught us to think, imagine and contemplate
You taught us to sing, dance and have fun
While you could not walk and could not run
No mother on earth could be so courageous
Your smile and love for life is so contagious
You helped us make truce when we ended up in a brawl
You helped us stand whenever we would fall
You held our hands when we were troubled
Our miseries divided our happiness doubled
At times we argued and hurt you unknowingly
But you always excused us unconditionally
You never gave up even when you were lost
You gave us hope and love at no additional cost
A source of love, a guide, a mentor
A teacher, a friend, an exceptional demeanor,
No obstacle could stop you from achieving your goals
You made us human beings, you enlightened our souls
Every mother is a mom, every mother is special
But being  a “SPECIAL MOM”  is only your credential.