A Tribute to Nora Whisnant

Posted By Dana Bartelt

Nora is not just a plain sister, she's a soul sister.

Ever since I was little, I've looked up to her. She was so smart and could analyze complex political issues and explain literary plots. I was so impressed that she understood the meaning behind things, while I was simply interested in what happened.

As we grew older and had children, luckily we lived near each other and became very close; our children played together, and as always I looked up to her for her calm, clear judgement and practical advice.

We had lost our oldest sister, Jana, to leukemia, so Nora had to take over being the oldest sister. She cared for our Mother for almost 20 years, providing for her the best in every way.

But that is not unusual for Nora, she always gives so much of herself to all of us. Her home was where we always gathered. Her generosity is so vast, sometimes it's hard to believe.

And now she is giving of herself to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund in the same unselfish way she gives to her family.

Nora works with compassion and unending energy for this amazing organization. Last August, her home again became a gathering place-- this time for the host families of 5 children brought to the US for treatment by the PCRF, friends and supporters of the PCRF.

Her love and caring for the children is as vast as her generous heart.

I love my sister very much.