A Tribute to Karla Hammer

Posted By Dana Bartelt

When I think of Karla, I have to smile.

She's the kind of person people want to be around.

Yes, she's beautiful, but she doesn't like to be told. I want to tell her that her beauty is not just on the surface - it shines through her eyes, her lovely smile, her silliness, her amazing ability to capture life's poignant moments and relish their beauty.
She's a positive force. And you have to be honest with Karla, anything else is a waste of her time.

Did I mention her stately grace (she was after all a ballerina), which she brought to her rowing, and her amazing creative talent as a painter, photographer and silversmith?

When she relates something new, something she has just learned, you feel enriched. When she describes the people in her life, you feel like you know them too.

I wish we lived in the same town.

Even if she weren't my daughter, I'd love to have her around.